Pleasure Riding horses / Boarding

Since its selection program has focus on the sale of pleasure riding horses, Mosteiro Ranch develop an interesting project of breeding. The foals are weaned earlier, 3 months old, to facilitate the management, such as halter breaking and hoof care, and allows a better integration with the trainer. The foals are kept together in a pasture near by the barn, to be easily fed with hay and grain. At the age of 2,5 years the colts and fillies are saddle broken.

This management enables Mosteiro Ranch to have pleasure riding horses well trained at 3 years, and can be ridden in short distance and easy trails, since the bone and muscling will achieve the complete development around the age of 5 years. Another advantage is to have more ridden horses to be sold each year in the online auction.

Either being a gelding or a mare, we have the best horses for pleasure riding on trails located nearby our ranch or in other regions .


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