Preludio da Fronteira, was a famous stallion used at Haras do Mosteiro, ridden by Dr. Luis Augusto Sinisgalli

Mosteiro Ranch began its Campolina horse breeding buying cheap mares and one stallion. But soon the owner realized that he needed to buy higher quality horses, to produce good offspring. So, the first good quality stallion was “Huno da Ponte Pequena” and the mare was “Favorita da Fantasia”, also artificially bred with “O.P. de Santa Rita semen, one of the best stallion in the Campolina history. The offspring produced by “Favorita” was outstanding, such as “Garota do Mosteiro”, “Lua do Mosteiro”, “Justiça do Mosteiro”, “Fanasia do Mosteiro” e “Joainha do Mosteiro”.

Currently, Mosteiro Ranch has four Stallions and 24 mares, including embryo donors. The selection has focus on exotic coat patterns, good quality conformation, smooth gait, good temper. The last two traits are high quality to the customers of horse riding.

Mosteiro Ranch has a professional team or workers tp take good care of the general and specialized management.

Also, each year Mosteiro Ranch promotes equitation and training clinics, online auctions and horse riding in trails near by the ranch and in other regions. The customers enjoy the beautiful scenery and the smoothness of the gaited Campolina horses.

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